Athletes Rest Areas

  • Lofhouse A&B Boys rest area 
  • Lofthouse C&D Girls rest area 
  • Level 3 up one level from the Athletics office 
  • *No food/drinks allowed, eat at canteen or outdoor eating areas only please. 
  • *Use the areas responsibly keep them clean and use as a quiet rest area only or they will be closed for use. 
  • *Do not leave valuables in rest areas
  • ISM Guest Wifi- look for IASAS2019 password- ismbearcats

Sustainability Guidelines at ISM for IASAS Athletes

Please refrain from bringing/using single-use plastic items (such as plastic bottles, straws, utensils) as much as possible

Please dispose and segregate trash into their appropriate bins around school

Please bring a reusable water bottle/hot drinks cup and use our refilling stations located (Outside Restrooms, Kantina, Gyms, Fields) 

Please observe cleanliness and avoid littering throughout school premises

Please be mindful of water use and electricity use